COMPLIANCE / The most challenges to implement a Compliance Program Worldwide

Excerpt from session:

After an anticorruption legislation boom occurred from 2010 around the world when a lot of companies, in the beginning of the implementation of their Compliance Programs, faced the challenge to evaluate new legal frameworks and deal with different authorities and cultures, the remaining question is “How to implement a Global Compliance Program? Which legislations have I have to consider? How to assure the adherence of the Programme worldwide?”

From Canada to South Africa, doesn’t matter where a company operates, to deploy successfully new management systems is not an easy thing to do. And if you add some “spice” as a human behaviour and different cultures, you really expand the number of variables in your range. It´s not easy, but is possible: How? This is what we will discuss. How to deal with the variables, challenges and still be able to set up your compliance program.

Main Takeaways:

  • Learning lessons from multinational experiences
  • Main and common challenges do overcome
  • Identifying challenges in advance