COMMUNICATION / Powerful ethics and compliance communication

Excerpt from session:

Improving compliance demands positive behavior change. No more ‘tick the box’ compliance. This check and forget attitude carries no assurance that staff have read or understood. On the other hand, staff are busy and have information overload from being inundated by emails. It’s only natural they have message fatigue.

Today, the emphasis is on building a compliance culture where it’s embedded in each employee – part of the organizational DNA. Dynamic, memorable communication tools and solutions are essential when sending often dense and intensive compliance information. Compliance is in the spotlight for today’s workplaces. Issues of employee harassment, safety and equal rights have never had so much attention.

Making staff aware of the rules and regulations governing their industry and role is important – but no longer enough. Staff must apply compliance learning into their everyday behavior. If they don’t understand and abide by these rules, the risks to the business and the individuals, are huge. For organizations, there’s also a need to demonstrate their commitment to honesty and responsible behavior. Compliance Managers need effective communications solutions to these critical business needs.

Research suggests only 19% of staff open compliance-related emails. Of these, only 7% click through to the content.

Main Takeaways:

  • How to change the way organizations ensure compliance throughout their organization
  • How to boosts ethics and compliance awareness
  • How to get the compliance seal of approval
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Croatia East Europe Ethics and Compliance 2019 / Conference Park 25/7