WHISTLEBLOWING / Hotline – The challenge.

Excerpt from session:

Your employees and business partners are expected to maintain the highest standards of integrity. If anyone becomes aware of an instance of serious misbehaviour at a company then they have a responsibility to help stop it. Serious misbehaviour includes:

• An action which is a criminal offence or breach of a legal obligation
• An action that leads to a miscarriage of justice
• An action which compromises the health and safety of any individual
• An action which causes damage to the environment
• The deliberate concealment of information about any of the above

In those cases the correct approach is to raise concerns with the management of the company where the misbehaviour is occurring so that an appropriate local investigation can be carried out. However, if you have a strong reason for believing you cannot raise the matter locally, or where you believe the local response
is insufficient, you may use company’s whistleblowing hotline.

Company has to be committed to ensuring that anyone raising a concern in good faith does not suffer any victimisation or detriment. It fully endorses and will comply with any local legislation that reinforces
that position. However a concern that is raised maliciously or for no good reason may lead to disciplinary action.

Main Takeaways:

  • Outsourcing your hotline – Pros and Cons
  • A tip came in. Now what?
  • Rewarding employees schemes
Croatia East Europe Ethics and Compliance 2019 / Conference Park 25/7
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