ETHICS & COMPLIANCE / The Novartis Code of Ethics: a new approach to doing what’s right

Excerpt from session:

Novartis is committed to ensuring their associates are empowered to do what’s right. On September 01, 2020, Novartis introduced a new Code of Ethics. Created by their associates and for thier associates, new Code is a collection of Novartis commitments to ethical standards across their whole business.

Code of Ethics was co-created with the inputs of thousands of associates. It is anchored in behavioral science, and underpinned by four clear ethical principles:

  • Be Open-Minded
  • Be Honest
  • Be Bold
  • Be Accountable

Code is available in 22 languages and has been adopted by local boards.

The Code contains Novartis principles and expectations for ethical business conduct that help guide their associates in making the right decisions when they encounter difficult situations or ethical challenges during the course of their work.