PUBLIC AND GOVERNMENT / Improving ethical governance in Croatia’s local government

Excerpt from session:

Within this session, the Croatian National Index of Ethical Governance in Local Government will be presented, as a result of the implementation of a pilot project of the Council of Europe entitled “Improving Ethical Governance in Local Government”.

The pilot project indicates the current state of ethics and transparency in cities and municipalities through the use of indicators such as: accountability, rights and obligations of locally elected representatives, external and internal control and audit of local authorities, transparency, administrative procedures, anti-corruption measures and evaluation, compliance with ethical standards, the relationship between local authorities and the private sector, public procurement and contracts for the supply of goods or services, the transfer of public services to the private sector, the relationship with the non-profit sector, funding of civil society organizations and organizations and the delegation of public services. in matters of construction and physical planning), property management, etc..

The program “Improving ethical governance in local government” is based on the instrument and recommendations of the Council of Europe, and responds to the identified need to implement preventive mechanisms that include the implementation of the principles of transparency and accountability in work and governance in local government.