Kim Lebotschy (SOUTH AFRICA) Director @ DREMIK

Kim Lebotschy started her career as a secretary and subsequently volunteering as a reservist with the South African Police Service, but she made the conscious decision to pursue her passion for investigative work by studying for and graduating as a Corporate Forensic Investigator, Security Manager, Safety Officer and fully qualified Trainer, Assessor and Moderator, NLP and Life Coach. Kim has a substantial number of years’ experience in the aforementioned fields. Kim decided to start a company called DREMIK and affiliate her company with S.Brown Attorneys Incorporated. This is where Kim and  S.Brown Attorneys Incorporated offer assistance by means of private consultations at affordable rates, intermediary services for companies to fulfill the function of conducting investigations into sexual harassment, bullying and victimisation cases as well as conducting disciplinaries and the handling of grievance matters in an unbiased and professional manner.